My First Entry

I have no idea why I’m attempting to write anything. Writing has never actually been my strongpoint. Not this sort anyway. I can write a mean letter though!

I’m just going to talk about my running occasionally, how things are going with my training and races that I’ve done or I’m looking to do.

For example, I didn’t run in the last event in My Events (Everton 10k, Lymington). The reason was because I stupidly increased my mileage too quickly and my achilles on my left foot was suffering. It needed a rest and so did I.

So, the next race/event is at the end of September in Mortimer, Berkshire and it gives me time to build it up again and get ready. I’m not gonna win it or anything but it should be a good day out.

The BIG news (and what I’m most excited about) is that I’ve registered for the Reading Half-Marathon again. After a very long wait for the Sweatshop people to sort out registrations and the out-of-date site I’m finally in! It’s on 29 March 2009 at 10:05AM. If you’re not registered and you enjoy running then I suggest you give it a go (with the right preparation of course). I just want to beat my previous time!

That’s it for my first post. I can’t promise to do this every day or even that often. Heck, these may be few and far between.

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