No Running!

Well, it’s been a while since I ran with any regularity! I’m starting to feel really guilty as well.

First I had problems with my achilles so I had to take it easy. Now, after a session of binge drinking (first time in almost 2 years) at the Reading Festival I was ill for two days. To top it all off it must have messed with my immune system cause I’ve got a sore throat and and a cold! Fantastic…

The cold isn’t that bad at the moment and if it sticks with just congestion then I’m gonna go for a slow run on Tuesday. I’m more concerned about the achilles problem coming back or getting worse. Time will tell… Just got to remember to take it easy and listing to what my body is saying (i.e. “Stop running you’re hurting me!”)

I’m glad the Reading Half-Marathon is still some time away because it gives me time to build up the training and get well prepared. I will definitely do a sub 2 hour run that day if I train right.


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