Back at it!

Well, after exactly two weeks of illness, eating and sitting on my ass; I’m back at it!

I went for a run yesterday. Yeah it was only an easy run for about 6.5km but it was nice to get the legs moving again. My biggest concern during the run was my achilles on my left foot cause it still doesn’t feel quite right. More stiff than anything. I’ve continued to stretch it out and do strengthening exercises so I’ll just build up gradually again and see what happens.

Today also marks the day I begin my big weightloss task. I’m happy that I’ve shed about 2 stone (28lbs) since I started all this running but I want to drop it even further. I really want to do the Reading Half in under 2 hours with no probs and I will have a better chance of achieving my goal at around 15 stone (210lbs) or even closer to 14 1/2 stone (203lbs).

The mileage goes back up and the calorie intake goes down. No problem. I already eat all the right things, I just eat too much of them… lol.

I’ll let you know how it’s going.


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