I hereby sentence you to being un-motivated and less energetic!

I’m appealing the courts’ decision.

As you can see I haven’t been writing that often and I do apologise for that. I did explain in my very first post that I’m not great at remembering to do things. This site can be testament to that sometimes. In fact, I’m also guilty of not updating my mileage on hear more regularly and I will resolve that today.

The running is okay at the moment, even though my mileage is way down to what it was and I’m also feeling a bit sluggish. I’m slowly building back up again to around 40km +/- per week until after Christmas when I’ll build up again in the run-up to the Reading Half-Marathon. I’ll also be starting a reduction in calorie intake over the next couple of weeks to get my weight down. This will allow me to acheive my goal of a sub-2 hour race in March.

You may have noticed if you looked at “My Events” that I’ve got a race/event this weekend in Mortimer. I’m really not mentally prepared for it but I want to do it anyway. It’s not going to be a PB as far as time goes but it will give me the kick up the backside I need at the moment. I love the feeling of a race and how it makes you push yourself that little bit more. And, it’s a great feeling to cross the finish line whether you come in first (I’m assuming as I never come close to first place) or last (more likely).

I’ve been thinking about posting my weight on here on a regular basis as a motivator for myself to see the progession as it reduces. So, to start off:

Weight: 227lbs (103kg)

I’ve gotta go update my current running log on this site and my current location on the map. I’m pretty sure I’ve run right through my old stomping ground of Fredericton, New Brunswick by now.

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