See ya New Brunswick!!

I’ve updated my site properly today and according to Google Earth I am past Woodstock, New Brunswick and heading on up in to Quebec very soon. That means I’m making some pretty good time on my virtual run and I hope it not only continues but gets better too!

If you’re wondering how I track my distance and route; I use my Nike+ sensor (with my iPod) to log the distances and Google Earth to map it out. First I do my log so I know my total distance to date. Then, I map out the path on the roads on Google Earth to find my exact(ish) location. Seems to work pretty good for me although the Nike+ system under-cuts my mileage most of the time.

I completed the Mortimer 10k without too many problems, however the whole last couple of kms was uphill! What a pain (literally) that was. It was good though and worth the whole £6 I paid to do it…lol. I’ll definitely do that one again next year. Now I’m just waiting for my finish time to be put up on the website. I know it was 57 mins but I don’t know the secs yet. I’ll update the site when I know.

I’ve also updated my events page and put in some planned runs/events for 2009. Take a look.
On another note, I’ve decided that I’m going to give Nike trainers (sneakers) a break. I’ve been running in Nike shoes since I started and I’m beginning to wonder if they might be part of the reason for my occassional heel and leg pain. Regardless, I’ve decided to try Asics shoes and I will buy a pair over the next month or so. This will give me time to put some miles in them before the Reading Half-Marathon so I can determine whether they are any better or not.

Weight: 225lbs (102kg)

My girlfriend/fiance and my daughter were looking at old photos the other day and they commented about how much weight I’ve lost. It was nice to hear and made me feel good. I’m looking forward to going down to about 210lbs (95kg) in time for the Reading Half-Marathon. I’m confident that I’ll be able to achieve my sub 2 hour time at that weight and with the right amount of training.

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