Moving the blog

I decided to move my blog to because the features are far more superior to what I can do on my own site without turning it in to a complete blogging site (which isn’t what I want to do). So, with effect from today my blog/ramblings will be hosted here on for all to see and fall asleep reading.

You can still track my progress on my virtual runs at: and this blog can be found at

As for running, I did 11km today in exactly 1 hour. Not my fastest pace but certainly a demonstration that I am improving again after the achilles stuff.

I’ve stopped wearing my Nike+ Structure Triax 11 trainers because I think they are partly to blame for the pain. The past couple of runs I’ve worn my old Nike+ Vomero trainers and no problems yet. Obviously this is a short-term solution until I purchase a new pair of running shoes.

When I uploaded my runs to the nike+ website it told me that I had achieved over 1000 kms and that I could print a certificate! Wow, how exciting… (does anyone actually print them?). As of today, I’ve actually covered more than 1970 kms. 589 kms of that total is my distance so far on my current virtual run across Canada (Halifax to Vancouver).

I’ve given some thought to doing a full marathon at some point in the future. I’m going to try and get in to the London Marathon (done by ballot) for 2010 and if that fails I will go abroad and do the Paris Marathon, Boston Marathon or NY Marathon. I’ll decide what I’m doing closer to the time, but for now I’m doing my half-marathon next year and my series of 10k runs/races.

As for non-running related matters, my little boy will be two in about a months time and I’ve started teaching him to say that he is two and hold up two fingers. At the moment he says “ooooo” and holds up his hand and shows five fingers. Okay, clearly we have a long way to go but he’s learning.

Have a great day everyone.

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