MSG & Me

Yesterday we decided we would have takeaway for dinner because we had my daughter and her husband around for a visit. We opted for chinese food from our local takeaway.

I like chinese food; I always have. However, the past year or so (since I’ve started running and I quit smoking) I’ve noticed that I always feel a bit crap the day after I’ve eaten it. I feel more lethargic (than usual) and very dehydrated (obviously the sodium). Today is no different.

My sleep last night was also very restless and I kept waking up throughout the night. I’m normally a very good sleeper so I have also assumed the restlessness was linked to my delicious meal from earlier in the evening.

In the morning I told my fiance about my bad night of sleep and she rolled her eyes. However, she went on to say that she had lots of strange dreams.

I’ve done a bit of research with the help of the ole “inter-web” and there has been a lot of research in to MSG (monosodium glutamate) and it’s effects. I’ve also found many references to “disturbed sleep” and “bad dreams” which matches up to what I was thinking.

This certainly won’t put me off eating chinese food, however it will make me more conscious of when I’m eating it. For example, if I have an event (this Sunday), I won’t be eating the delicious morsels of dehydrating goodness a few days beforehand! Thankfully I’m counteracting the effects of the sodium in the run up to the Princes Trust 10k by taking in lots of fluids over the course of today, tomorrow and Saturday.

As for running, I didn’t do any this morning because I obviously didn’t feel right. I’ll go tomorrow and take Saturday off. Sunday is the Princes Trust 10k in Legoland, Windsor (just down the road from the Queen’s house).

I contacted the Princes Trust 10k organisers yesterday because I haven’t received my race number or timing chip and they said that they had all been sent to runners last week. I’ve been told to wait until Friday (tomorrow) and if I haven’t received my pack by then I am supposed to call them and they will make arrangements for me to get a pack and race number on the day.

I finally got the results from the Mortimer 10k that I did (see My Events) and I completed it in 57 mins 09 secs. Not bad considering I didn’t really prepare for it. I’m hoping that with some more training I’ll get down to about 50 mins by this time next year. It’s all down to me.

I’m contemplating whether to do some sort of 10k run around Christmas time, but that depends on if I can find one near to me. I’ll let you know.

I’ll update my website over the next day or two so I can see if I’ve managed to make it out of New Brunswick and in to the land of the french (Quebec).

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