The Running Continues

I found out what my chip time was for the Princes Trust 10k. It was 58:15 which means I was pretty close with my estimate/calculation of 58:14. Obviously this isn’t my fastest time but I think the hills and conditions ruined anyone’s chances of a PB (Personal Best).

The running continues and I’ve been running on Tue, Wed, Thu and today. Sunday will be my long run and I’m going to increase that gradually each week by 10% only (to try and avoid injury). So, I’m going to run 1:06:00 (hh:mm:ss) this Sunday and the following Sunday I will run 1:13:00 and so on. These runs will be at an easy pace.

I’m also going to spend more time doing speed training and hill training over the coming weeks. I discovered after the last 10k that I’m having a hard time running up the bigger hills and I don’t want to stop!

As for my current weight; I don’t know. I forgot to check! I’ll let you know in the next day or two. Knowing me it’s exactly the same.

I’ll also update my site over the weekend to show recent runs and my current location on my virtual run across Canada.

On a non-running related note I’d like to say good luck to Rob on his journey across Canada and I know he’ll be fine.

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