In the Long Run

Today I started to increase my Sunday runs again. I covered just over 12km in about an hour and ten minutes which isn’t too bad at all. I’ll increase it gradually over the coming weeks.

As for my current location, I’m still in New Brunswick on Highway 2 but only just barely. I’m near the New Brunswick and Quebec border so I should be firmly in Quebec by the end of this week. You can see my current running log and my location on a map by visting

I’m still on the lookout for a half-decent training plan to prepare me for the Reading Half-Marathon on 29 March 2009 and I’ll continue to trawl the interent until I find one. The problem I’m having is that the majority of training plans are in miles and I want one in km. It’s a pain to convert and entire training plan from miles in to km.

I’ve decided that I’m occasionally going to post some tips for other runners (stretches etc) that may make this blog slightly more useful to those who run as opposed to me rambling on and on. These tips etc will be at the end of each post and the first one will be today.

Weight: 101.6kg (223.9lbs)

As for non-running related matters, my friend Rob is starting a mammoth journey back across Canada (he’s crossed it a few times this year already) in a VW van on his way to northern Quebec. He’s then going to be “off the radar” for the entire winter whilst he works to train sled-dogs and then runs them to Alaska! I’ve known Rob since I was about 14 years old (more than 20 years) and he has always been the adventerous sort and never one to sit still in one place for too long. Let’s hope the dogs don’t turn on him.

Hip and Lower Back Stretch

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Lift your right leg and cross it over the left, which should remain bent. Hug the right leg to your chest and twist the trunk of your body to look over your right shoulder. Change legs and repeat (i.e. look over your left shoulder).

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