Tis the season

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone out there.

Firstly I’d just like to complain about my self-inflicted over-eating fest over the past few days. Why oh why do we do it to ourselves? And, how it is physically possible to gain so much weight in such a very short period of time?

Well, for me the feasting and over-indulgence ends with Boxing Day. After today I’m back to eating (relatively) normal meals and the training is back on schedule.

As for the holidays themselves, they were great. My son got lots of toys (he’s two) and suffered toy meltdown. He didn’t know what to play with first and he still hasn’t quite figured out the whole concept of the gifts and santa etc.

My fiance got me a lovely watch (Swatch) which I’m wearing right now. My mother-in-law to be paid for our new 37 inch LCD television, which was very very nice of her. I got my fiance a new mobile phone and some new boots that she wanted. My son got every present we could find that we thought he would like!

As for my progress on my virtual run, I’m still in the province of Quebec going past Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf. I can honestly say I’ve never been there in person, but I haven’t been to most of Canada! It’s a big country.

I’ve travelled 1051 kilometres (653 miles) and I’ve got a very long way to go. With this coming year I hope to put a big dent in this journey and rack up as many miles as is safely possible and without injury.

As for future running events/races, I’ve already registered for the Reading Half-Marathon. I’ve also registered for a new race (I never did it this year) next year. It’s the Bupa 10,000 in London on 25th May 2009. I’m also hoping to do the Woodley 10k again in May 2009 as long as it doesn’t conflict with anything else.

There are many other races and events I want to take part in during the course of 2009 and I’ll register for them as and when they open up to registration.

Finally, I’d like to again wish you all a very happy holiday season and a prosperous and fantastic new year in 2009.

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