Happy Virtual 2009

I’m in pain…

With the new year I’ve begun to focus on my next goal, which is the Reading Half-Marathon on 29 March 2009. Part of this focus is to (gradually) increase my mileage over the coming weeks and to incorporate some additional exercises more often. One such excercise is called the Pendulum and I got it from the Feb 2009 issue of Runner’s World magazine:-

a. Stand on one leg with your shoulder blades drawn back and core braced.

b. Lift one leg straight up behind you while reaching to your toes with the opposite arem. Keep your hips level. Reps: 10 (each leg)

Who would’ve thought that such a simple exercise could hurt so much. It’s a good hurt. The kind that tells you you’ve worked muscle(s) you haven’t used in a long time. Sure, walking and sitting have been difficult the past few days. No pain no gain…

It’s a new year of new goals and new challenges. I want to do more races/events than I did in 2008, I want to increase my fitness levels and reduce my times, I’ve got to train for the half-marathon, I’m getting married in May (it’s not running related by very important!).

I worked out that I averaged the equivalent of 2.86 miles a day in 2008. I’m impressed with that and it gives me a great sense of achievement. I also obtained a few tokens from events:-

It’s strange, but one of the things I really like about the events is the finish. The strange euphoric feeling you get when you cross the finish line and the huge sense of achievement. It’s a great feeling and I think that if any of you out there tried a couple you would see what I mean. Some are obviously better then others (Reading Half-Marathon finish in a football stadium is amazing).

So, although we start 2009 in a recession and with problems around the world, the running continues.

For those of you who run already; keep going. For those of you who don’t; c’mon, what have you got to lose?

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