Track Session

Two posts in about a week?! Something must be wrong.

I went to my local running club again last night with my good friend Tony and we were all ready for a cold wet night of running around the track.

We did 800m warm-up before it all started at 6:30pm and after the announcements were done everyone starting breaking off in to the different training groups.

We decided to join the same group that I was in the previous week because the training seemed just right, however the group leader then announced that we/they were going to do something different this week. We were all to run in to town to a place called Kendrick hill and do some hill work and then run back. This didn’t appeal to me at all, and it didn’t appeal to my friend Tony either. I mean, we paid a whole £1.00 for the night to use the track.

We decided to do our own thing on the track in our own little group of two. We repeated the drills I did last week: 600m at 10k pace, 200m slightly slower than 10k pace follwed by 400m recovery (1200m). This was one set.

We did one lap (400m) to warm up followed by 6 sets. I think it was a good workout and it was nice to have someone there to help set the pace and make you push yourself that little bit harder. Because running is such a solitary sport it is sometimes hard to motivate yourself to do that little bit more.

By the time we were done the evening (8.4km in total) I could certainly feel that I had put in the effort.


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