I just keep running

Yesterday my long run was up to 17km (10.56 miles) and I have about 7 weeks to go until the Reading Half Marathon (13.1 miles).

My long runs over the two weeks just before the Half won’t be that intensive because I need to taper down to the race day. However, I intend to increase the long run by 1km each week as follows:-

15/02 – 18km
22/02 – 18km
01/03 – 19km
08/03 – 20km
15/03 – 21km
22/03 – 10km
29/03 – Reading Half Marathon (21.08km)

During the last two weeks I will still attend running club on Wednesdays (weather permitting) but my other runs during the week need to reduce to about 8km at an easy pace. I also need to throw in some cross training during those couple of weeks to maintain fitness levels with the reduced mileage.

I’ve started planning my year as far as events goes and I’m now registered for the Woodley 10k (17/05/2009), the Bupa 10,000 (25/05/2009) and the Dorney Dash (06/06/2009). I’m still waiting for registration to open for the Bupa Great Captial Run (26/07/2009). There are other gaps I’ll need to fill throughout the year and I’m considering taking part in the Bupa Great South Run (25/10/2009). The only thing with that event is that it is a couple hours drive away and the race starts at about 10:30 in the morning. Do I really want to travel all that way in October to do that event? I don’t know yet, but I’ll continue to mull it over.

I may do the Sam Run in June again in Crowthorne, Berkshire; as long as it isn’t on the same day as the Dorney Dash.

I’ll continue to check out the internet and Runners World website to find events that appeal to me. If you’re in the neighborhood and feel like taking part then come along. Details of the events and links to the relevant sites can be found at http://thevirtualrunner.org under “My Events”.

I’ve also realised I haven’t given an update on my weight in ages nor have I provided any tidbits of information in relation to stretches/exercise.

As of yesterday, my weight was down to 99kg or 218.25lbs (15 stone 8lbs). Considering I was around (or more than) 113kg or 250lbs when I started all of this running malarky; that’s not bad.


Whilst seated on the floor, put the soles of your feet together. With your elbows on the inside of your knees, gradually lean forward and gently press your knees toward the floor.

Where is he now?

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