Word Pressed!

Last night I had the bright witty idea that I would use WordPress to publish my blog and host it on my own site. Unfortunately, this didn’t go to plan and late last night I scrapped the idea and deleted it all from my host server.

It was just too fiddly! It allowed me to import all my previous posts from Blogger, however it changed tags to categories and also messed around with the fonts of the posts. There was no way to change all the posts in bulk and fix the font issue and I wasn’t going to go through each one individually.

I’ll have to look into it a bit more or see if there are other ready-made scripts besides WordPress that would do the trick. And, to tell you the truth, their choice of templates available on the internet for WordPress was kind of limited.

So, things will remain as they are for now. In the future I may change it all over and host it on my domain name at thevirtualrunner.org.

I’m off to running club at the track this evening for the first time in a couple of weeks. Let’s hope the weather holds up!


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