One Hundred Push Ups

I have been reading a few different running blogs lately and I came across one called Chocolate Runner’s Blog.

This blogger mentioned a 100 Push Up Challenge where you can train yourself over a six week period to eventually do 100 push ups in one go. I do push ups (very) occasionally and this appealed to me. Besides, the Chocolate Runner did ask if anyone else wanted to give it a go. Who am I to pass it up? Anything that helps increase fitness levels is always a bonus.

Before you start the program you have to perform an initial test. You have to do as many (good form) push ups as you can to the point of failure, then you see where you are on a chart and it tells you your starting point.

I did 27.

According to the program/website I am supposed to start at week three! So, I went to the instructions for week three and performed the following 5 sets:-

Set 1: 14

Set 2: 18

Set 3: 14

Set 4: 14

Set 5: To failure (at least 20) – I did 20.

Now I’m supposed to rest for a day or two and then perform the next part of the training schedule. I’m supposed to do push ups three days a week.

I’m concerned about how much the push ups increase from day to day and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to complete the next days’ workout or the one after. But, I’ll give it my best shot.

As for my running, I did some speedwork today. 600 metres at slightly faster then 10k pace with 400 metre recovery. It was a good workout and I covered about 11.20km in the hour I was training.

Things are looking okay so far and I’m feeling good.

As for non-running related matters. I had the worst day at work I can remember and it made the day drag on. I lost my usual positive attitude and got upset about something and I shouldn’t have allowed that to happen. That’s all I’m saying about that for now.


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