Valentines & Push Ups

As you all know, today is valentines day and people usually express their their feelings for the one they love. Well, I love my fiance every day and I always make a point of telling her so. She is simply an amazing woman and I’m thankful every day that I’m with her.

My fiance had to work today and this evening but when she got home we sat down to a nice kebab (one of our favourites!) and a movie. We loved it.

Happy Valentines (every)Day baby.

Now enough of that mushy stuff and on to the manly exercise testosterone type things. Push ups!

Today was my second day of the 100 push up training/challenge and it consisted of five sets:-

Set 1: 20 (pretty easy)
Set 2: 25 (okay)
Set 3: 15 (okay)
Set 4: 15 (okay-ish – perhaps I should have rested longer)
Set 5: To failure (at least 25) – I did 25 and it was hard

So far so good, however in a couple of days I will have to undergo the third day of training and obviously the number of repetitions for each set is increasing. It’s all about determination. Mind over matter… blah blah blah. I’ll do it.

No running today as Saturdays are one of my rest days. Tomorrow is my long run and I need to cover about 18kms.


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