Burning Nipples of Death

Now occassionally I suffer from runner’s nipple (chaffing of the nipple caused by clothes whilst running) and it can be painful. Today, oh the burning!I’ll never forget this one time at the gym last year. Running on the treadmill went fine. I finished and looked liked someone had poured a bucket of sweat over me (usual look after running) and I walked across the room to the water fountain. People were looking at me and I didn’t think anything of it. People look at each other.

I had a drink, weighed myself and started walking down the long (it is very long) hallway to the exit. As I’m leaving I noticed quite a few people staring and it was starting to annoy me a bit.

I got outside to my car, looked down as I was unlocking the door and saw my reflection in the glass. Two long streams of blood on my white t-shirt. It looked like I had been shot. Twice. How embarrassing.

Long run went well this morning and I covered 18km in 01:41:55 which means I ran each km in about 5 min 39 sec. Not bad for a long easy run.

I also burned about 1900 calories. I’m liking that.

Nipples are suitably covered (caked) in Sudocrem and feeling fine.

No pain from my push ups yesterday and I’ll now wait until Tuesday night to do the third day of week one. My training for the 100 push ups mission/task started on a thursday.

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