Today was my third day of the 100 push up challenge training regime. It was all going so well.
Five sets as follows:- 

Set 1: 22 (okay)
Set 2: 30 (barely!)
Set 3: 20 (okay)
Set 4: 20 (hard)
Set 5: To failure (at least 28) – I only did 21!!

Damn! Damn! Damn! How the heck is this program going to work if set 5 is always so freakin hard (or impossible)!

It annoyed me so much I did two more sets of 18 and 16 to make up for my shortfall.

What is good is that I’ve gained 3 push ups already. If you remember, when I did the initial test I could only do 27 from a cold start. Today I did 30 in the 2nd set. Not bad after all.

I’ve found another website dedicated to 100 push ups (http://www.100pushups.info/) and their training program is slightly different as far as the sets is concerned. Which one is the right one? I’m sticking with the one I’m using now.

Easy run this morning and covered about 10.4km at a 5 min 44 sec pace.

Tomorrow I must go to running club again. I haven’t been in a couple of weeks for one reason or another (weather, birthdays, weather) and I need to buck up and stop being a wimp. Thankfully the temperature is looking to be around 9 degrees (celcius).


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