Day one of my second week doing the training for 100 push ups. It’s not working out!

First of all, because I did 27 push ups in my initial test I had to start at week three. Secondly, I did point out the fact that the huge increases from workout to workout seemed pretty much impossible.

My last workout was a struggle near the end and this one was no different:-

Set 1: 21 (no problem)
Set 2: 25 (okay-ish)
Set 3: 21 (hard) – I did 18! Perhaps I didn’t rest long enough
Set 4: 21 (hard)
Set 5: To failure (at least 32!!!!!) – I did 21!

How the hell am I supposed to do at least 32 push ups on the last set after already having done 4 sets? It doesn’t make sense to me at all. Obviously with muscle tiredness you’re going to be able to do less each time.

Technically this isn’t training to do 100 push ups in 6 weeks for me because I started from week three. So, I’m contemplating hovering here on week four or going back to week three for an additional week.

Anyone with any fitness experience have any suggestions?

My next day for this push up training is Saturday so I need to decide what I’m going to do. At the moment I’m thinking of staying on the workout above for this week. The reason for this is because the next workout has a max of 36 on the last set!!! 36! And the third workout this week has a max of 40! How is this possible when I’m doing 21?

I didn’t do the initial test wrong (in case you’re wondering) and I really did do 27 push ups, so therefore something is wrong.

Just for comparison I’ve taken a look at the other 100 push ups site that I mentioned in a previous post and their week 4 is completely different and seems to take into account the natural tiredness you would go through after each set. Here is the week four workout from

If you look at the training in the second column for the 1st day of week four it says that you do the following:-

Set 1: 22 (I could’ve done that easy)
Set 2: 20 (I could’ve done that. I did 25 didn’t I.)
Set 3: 18 (No probs – I did 18)
Set 4: 16 (No probs – I did 21)

And no fifth unachieveable set! Why is that? Which site has the right program? Anyone want to try this one and see if it works?

I’m at a loss…

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