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Yesterday was my easy run and it was easy, however I was hurting as a result of the session I had at the track on Wed night.

The muscles in my inner thighs were sore and my calves felt a bit tight as well. I plowed on and did 10.36km at a 05:47 (per km) pace. For you imperial minded people that is a 09:18 (per mile) pace.

My long run is tomorrow and I’m going to go for 18km (11.18 miles) again. Hopefully my pace will be about the same as my last long run which was 05:39 (per km) or 09:05 (per mile). I want to do the Reading Half Marathon in under 2 hours and I don’t care if I do it in 1 hour 59 mins and 59 secs! I’ve worked out that if I run at about a 05:38 (per km) pace or 09:05 (per mile) pace that I should finish in just under two hours.

I haven’t mentioned my weight in a long time but I will today because I went in to town to buy some new running shorts.

I was trying on some new shorts (I bought Nike) and I tried on a large for the first time in ages. I’m usually an XL and have been for some time (as far as I can remember). They fit. I couldn’t believe it. I tried on a pair of L shorts (waist 34/36) and they fit perfectly fine and even felt loose. Considering my waist was about 40/42 at it’s biggest, buying those shorts today felt amazing. Last time I weighed myself I was still hovering around 99/100kg (218 pounds).

Now for the push ups training that I’m becoming obsessed with…

You’ll see from my last post that the previous training session didn’t go well and I didn’t manage to achieve many of the goals for each set. This time it was different:-

Set 1: 25 (okay)
Set 2: 29 (hard, but I did it)
Set 3: 25 (hard, but I did it)
Set 4: 25 (very hard, but I did it)
Set 5: To failure (at least 36) – I only did 21

I wasn’t that bothered about the impossible 5th set this time. I thought “Screw it! I’ll just rest a minute and do another 15!”. And that’s what I did. So, I did the 36 but not all in one go. To top it off, I did two more sets of 15 with short rests in between. I was extremely weak afterwards!

As for non-running related matters, nothing much to report. My fiance and I took our son on a train in to town this morning (to get me shorts) and he loved it. We’ve taken him on the train a couple of times now and he just loves it. His little face just lights up.

I’m sure he won’t be like that when he’s older and if he has to commute to work every day on the train. Oh, how the enthusiasm will wain.

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