Another day and another long run

Nice relaxing day today. Quick trip to the supermarket this morning with my fiance and son and then they dropped me off at the gym (yes I run on a treadmill a lot) for my long run session.

Firstly, I enjoy running on the treadmill because I a) get to watch tv b) zone out and don’t really notice what is happening. Time just flies past for me.

I promise I will be running outside a lot more as the weather warms up. I’m a fair weather runner, deal with it.

Long run today started off slowly because I was still feeling muscle pain in my right upper inner thigh from the speedwork done on Wed. I might have pulled a muscle there or something. I had to stop a couple of times in the first 5km or so just to stretch it out a bit. By the time I had covered 10km it was feeling okay.

Miles ticked by and I just listened to my iPod and watched the news on TV. It was great.

Covered 18km again at a 05:42 min per km pace (09:10 per mile).

I’ve now had my 1000mg of vitamin C and some lunch (as well as a couple of ibruprofen) and I’m chillin out with my family for the rest of the day.

I think I’ll have a look around on the inter-web for some other runs and running blogs. I’m recently facinated with reading about other people’s running experiences.

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