Further to my last very short post, I have decided to move my blog to thevirtualrunner.org where I already have my site and log my runs etc.

One of the reasons I wasn’t using WordPress in the past was because I just couldn’t find a template I was happy with and simple.  This one is definitely simple and the html code was easy to amend in the backend to make it more my own.

I’ve imported all my blog posts from Blogger/Blogspot and I’ve just got to tidy a couple of things up with regards to categories and tags for previous posts.

I’m also happy that I won’t have any more formatting issues like I did with blogspot.  Every time I posted something it kept spacing all the paragraphs either too far apart or not at all.  I would have to update the post about 4 or 5 times just to fix it all.

No real pain today after my long run yesterday.  I’ve got a bit of a niggle in my right hip (butt cheek) and that is my re-occuring sciatic problem that I get from time to time.  Some extensive stretching will resolve it.

No running today and no push ups either, however on Tuesday I will begin day three of week two of the 100 push ups training.  Actually, I started on Week 4 of the actual program.

I got the idea from the Chocolate Runner’s Blog but he hasn’t mentioned it in quite a while.  Perhaps he’s given up?

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