Still doing push ups

This morning was an easy run for about 10.35km at an easy pace.  Still feeling a niggle in my right hip and leg caused by sciatic nerve. 

Tomorrow night is running club again, 6:30pm at Palmer Park stadium.  Wanna come?

Push ups tonight went as follows:-

Set 1:  29 – Okay
Set 2:  33 – Very Hard, but I did it.
Set 3:  29 – Impossible; I did 25.
Set 4:  29 – Impossible; I did 24.
Set 5:  To Failure (max 40) – Was never going to happen.  I did 19.

After the impossible 5th set I did a few more sets to failure as follows, 19, 19, 19, 16.  I thought I would really push myself in preparation for the next stage which is another test to see how many I can do from a cold start again.

I might give that test a go tomorrow before running club to see how I do.

For non-running related matters, my son and I had sword fights tonight, watched Polar Express (he loves the train) and chased each other around the house.  This was in between sessions of me hanging him upside down over the sofa and tickling him.

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