Semi-conscious and KFC

Where do I begin?

I went to running club yesterday with my mate Tony after I finished work. I was looking forward to it because it wasn’t raining and the temperature was cool but not freezing. It was a nice clear night.

We got to the track and we intended (and started) to do 600m repeats at like a 5k pace, unfortunately one of my adductor muscles had other ideas when we had reached about 2200m in to our workout.

I started to feel the same twinge I had previously in my inner thigh on my right leg and I thought I could run through it, however after about 200m my knee started to go funny as I believe my leg was trying to compensate however possible for the injury. I don’t think it is serious and I stopped straight away.


I believe it was caused from the last track session and the 800m repeats. I probably over did it and was over-striding in an attempt to increase my speed.

My mate and I left early and headed back home. I was genuinely gutted that I couldn’t finish the track session.  I have reached that point where I feel guilty if I haven’t run or done the training I think I need to do.

When we got back to my house we got to see my little boy (2 yrs 4 mths) before his bed time; which I obviously don’t get to do normally on a Wed when I’ve gone to running club.  Unfortunately, my baby boy wasn’t his usual bubbly self and wasn’t well most of the day with cold-like symptoms.

My fiance and I keep him hydrated and give him his Calpol but Wed night was not a good night for any of us in The Virtual Runner’s house.

Our poor baby boy didn’t sleep most of the night and we had to go in and comfort him many times.  He is NEVER like this and is never as cuddly as he was last night.

In the night we also discovered some blood on his mattress and on my shoulder (where he was cuddling) and it turns out he has a huge ulcer in his mouth (as well as the miserable cold symptoms).

In the end, my fiance and I only managed to get a couple hours sleep but we still got up in the AM and tried to soldier on.  I got ready for work whilst my other half made an appointment for our son to see the doctor.

Have you ever felt so tired that you felt hungover or physically sick?  That’s what I felt like today at work.  Thankfully, my boss was kind enough to allow me to go home and attempt to get some rest.  I’m glad she did because I couldn’t think straight anyway.

When I got home my other half filled me in on what the doctor said about our baby boy.  It turns out he has some sort of infection in his ear on the same side as the ulcer.  The doctor didn’t say however if the two were directly linked but I’m guessing they are.  The doctor also prescribed some amoxicillin for baby boy to take and advised us to keep giving him Calpol and Calprofen.

During the afternoon today my other half and I thought we might finally be able to get some sleep while baby boy was having his nap.  Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way.

Baby boy only stayed down for a very short time and then we thought we’d see if he would lie down with us (he NEVER does).  He stayed in bed with us under the blankets for over an hour but nobody slept. 

The rest of the day up to know has been a haze of semi-consciousness as we dozed here and there whilst intermixing this with entertaining and taking care of the baby boy.

To top things off, this evening we had dreaded KFC.  Greasy, fatty, delicious chicken of death.  I enjoyed it but I really shouldn’t have.

Push-ups:  I will do another “test” tomorrow to see where I continue on the training from Saturday.

That’s it.  I’m now going to bed.

Night night.

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