Day off

I’ve got the day off work today and I’ve spent a nice morning with my fiance and my little boy. We also went to the supermarket this morning to (spend too much on) get some shopping.

My run this morning was a nice easy one, however it didn’t feel easy. Because of the cold symptoms in my head it felt odd and it was hard to get in to the stride of things.

I managed my hour though and completed 10.28km (6.38 miles) at a 05:50 min/km pace (09:23 min/mile).

It’s now early afternoon and I’ve taken a few tablets of paracetemol during the course of today to battle the illness which is trying to take over.  I wonder how this will affect the push ups training today?

Postitive mental attitude: I am fit and healthy. I will be fit and healthy for the Reading Half Marathon at the end of the month. I am well.

Now I’m going to have a nap…


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