Points of (Un)Interest

  • I’m now concious again after a short nap.
  • I am healthy and well (postitive mental attitude).
  • I’m still debating on whether to do the next part of the push ups training this evening.
  • My little boy is watching Madagascar 2 again for the millionth time.
  • My fiance is at work.
  • I think I’ve finally narrowed down where I want my first full marathon to be. 
  • I want to run the London Marathon (obviously).
  • If I can’t run the London Marathon (because it’s a ballot) in 2010 then I want to do another “big” one (preferably in the UK).
  • I have to go back to work tomorrow.
  • Our wedding day is less then 2 months away.
  • On this day in two months we will be in Rhodes, Greece for our honeymoon.
  • I’m going to run again tomorrow morning.
  • I’m really looking forward to the Reading Half Marathon.
  • I’m not going to running club this week because I could do without the strain at the moment.
  • I saw my friend Dave this morning for the first time since last August (and he only lives down the road!).
  • I have lost about 35 pounds since I started running and I’m now 218 pounds.
  • I once fished lobster for a summer on Prince Edward Island in Canada.
  • I hate all shellfish (except for prawns occasionally) and always have.
  • I used to rake blueberries in Maine, USA.
  • I can juggle.
  • My fiance and  I have been together for over 5 years.
  • I am completely addicted to running and I love getting the finishing medals at races.
  • I won’t enter a race if there is no finishers medal.
  • The Adidas running shoes I have now are the most comfortable ones I’ve had yet.
  • I’ve passed Ottawa in my virtual journey across Canada.
  • My best friend (besides my fiance of course!) is travelling across the Canadian arctic with a dogsled team.
  • I’ve known him for about 25 years now and we always stay in contact no matter where we are in the world.
  • Mosquitos never bit my father EVER when I was growing up and we (the kids) were always amazed by it.
  • We were never able to scare my father by sneaking up on him or jumping out of places.
  • I wish our little boy could see his family in Canada more often.
  • I’ll be a non-smoker for two years this April.
  • I’ve updated my blog to include planned races/events and links to blogs I’ve been reading recently.
  • I’m finished rambling for today.

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One Response to “Points of (Un)Interest”

  1. Beth 04/03/2009 at 03:25 #

    What a great list! You have a very interesting life and many accomplishments to take pride in. Thanks for asking a couple questions on my blog. I’ll write a post about my training schedule. GU’s are gels that you take for energy on long runs. There are many brands (Hammer, Clif Shots), but sometimes people just refer to all energy gels as GU. If you are running a half marathon, you should think about experimenting with them if you aren’t already. They may help you feel and run better in the last part of the race. During a half marathon, I usually take one around mile 6 or 7. I usually feel a lot better after taking one.
    Congrats on your list. Can’t wait to see marthon finisher added to it! :)