…and the swearing continues.

If you’re wondering about the title of this post then clearly you haven’t read my previous one.

I went to bed last night feeling okayish (meaning one nostril was breatheable and no headache) and I thought that this feeling would continue through to this morning. I was wrong.

I woke up at 3:30am unable to breathe through my nose at all, my mouth felt like I had been gargling sand and my head felt like it was part of an odd taxidermy experiment.

I ended up sneaking out of bed (so not to wake my fiance) and going downstairs because once I was awake I couldn’t get back to sleep because of the whole situation.My Little Boy

I made myself a nice hot Lemsip, grabbed and armload of tissue and turned on the tv. Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. Need I say more?

The next 30 – 40 minutes involved blowing and sipping whilst watching Gordon Ramsey tell some American restaurant owner in up state New York what he was doing wrong (usually obvious things like clean your dirty kitchen, stop cooking disgusting food, stop yelling at the customers and your staff are morons).

I eventually got things cleared enough to lie down again but I never slept for AGES. I was up with the little boy at 7:30 and then went back to bed again.

I got up long enough to call in to work. That’s it. No running no nothing.

I WILL run tomorrow dammit!  I will not allow this to ruin my weekly mileage and my training plans.

I thought since I talk about him all the time I would show you what my little boy looks like.  He’s now 2 years (& 5 months) old and he is well in to his “terrible twos”.

On another note, I had a good phone call this afternoon from someone at my work and it was good news.  Good news is always….. good.

I won’t say anymore than that about it.

One Response to “…and the swearing continues.”

  1. Beth 06/03/2009 at 03:56 #

    You son is absolutely adorable! Try not to worry about running and just concentrate on getting better. I’ve had pneumonia before because I wouldn’t stop running when I had a chest cold… as you said in yesterday’s post: above the neck is okay, but if it gets in your chest, no way. Hope you are better soon!