Day of Rest

That’s today for me.

Legs feel good after yesterday’s long run around Dinton Pastures and I’m quite surprised really.  I expected some residual pain but perhaps that will hit me tomorrow?  Who knows.

I thought I would show you my route around Dinton Pastures:-

Dinton Patures

As you can see, not a “pasture” in site.  What an odd name for this place.

One lap is about 5.25km (3.26 miles) and on a nice day it is actually a pretty good run with lots of attack geese, cyclists, dogs, dog shit, fishermen (not sure what the heck they think they will catch) and walkers to keep you entertained.

Before I forget, the one thing that amuses/annoys me about people that fish in the UK (remember, I’m originally from Canada) is how they really kit themselves out just to go and sit by a large pond and fish.  They wear camoflouge clothes, have camoflouge tents (yes, tents) and take so much stuff that they have to wheel it to their “spot” in (literally) a wheelbarrow.  I’ve never seen anything like it. 

All my 27 years growing up in Canada (and I fished a lot) I never once wore camoflouge to go fishing.  Perhaps it is some secret I didn’t know about?  I mean, you don’t want the fish looking up out of the water and seeing you!  How foolish of me!

Tomorrow’s run is an hour at an easy pace which means I’ll cover about 10.5km.  I might speed it up a bit and do 11km in the hour but it depends on how I’m feeling in the morning.  It’s on the treadmill too so I get to watch all the news on TV whilst getting my fix.  What a great combination.  Has anyone invented some sort of TV you can strap to your shoulders for when you run on the roads?  Probably not.

As for my 100 push ups training, it kind of ground to a halt when I got that stupid cold.  I’ve done the “initial test” again to see how many I can do now and I did a whopping (sarcasm) 30.  Wow… Great…

So now I don’t know what to do.  I’m thinking of going back to the beginning and starting all over again. I don’t want to just give up.  I’ve got until tomorrow night (cause that’s when I start again) to make up my mind.

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One Response to “Day of Rest”

  1. The Red Bucket 30/03/2009 at 14:44 #

    I’ve run round Dinton Pastures a few times and always wondered about the fishermen. In the bit that goes up to Twyford you run in to a lot of bird watchers, also wearing camo gear, but holding massive great reflective binoculars.