Hit the Tempo

This morning’s run went well and I managed an hour at a 05:26 min/km (08:44 min/mile) pace for the duration. That means I covered 11.05km (6.86 miles) and it was a pretty good tempo run.I’m thinking that after the half marathon at the end of this month (and after our wedding and honeymoon at the beginning of May) that I’m going to concentrate more on my speed training for the 10k distances I’ll be doing for the rest of the year.

From what I’ve been researching, I think that as long as I work on the speed gradually it should be fine. I’m mainly concerned about injury because apparentely a lot of injuries occur during speedwork or increasing your mileage too quickly.

As for non running related matters, I’m getting excited about our wedding day (just a nice simple ceremony with family present) and our honeymoon to Rhodes, Greece. My other half is excited as well.

I’m also addicted to my Playstation 3 (good for all ages!) and I’ve been engrossed in Fallout 3 lately. Great game but it has the worst ending EVER. It just ends. That’s it. So I started a new game and I am avoiding the main quest that takes you direct to the rubbish ending.

My little boy is so clever and he keeps amazing me all the time with how much he learns and takes in. This morning he counted his (four) toy airplanes all by himself (unnnnn, dooooo, freeeeee, foooor). It was great. And to top it off he starting going on about what colours they were and getting it all right. Now I have no basis for comparison but I think this is pretty great for a 2 1/2 year old.

Push ups training will start again this evening and I’ll probably go back to week 3 or wherever it was I started. I’ll update you on how they went tomorrow or something.


One Response to “Hit the Tempo”

  1. Beth 10/03/2009 at 19:36 #

    Nice tempo run! Sounds like everything is going well on the roads and at home. Good for you!