Bug Eater

Today’s long run was harder than the last couple of done.  I realised I forgot my asthma inhaler (yeah, I’ve got asthma – although I only use my inhaler before I run) about 2km in to the run (2km away from the car) and I just didn’t feel right.

I did my first 5km lap and ran to the car and got my inhaler and then I continued on.  I slowly started to feel a bit better during the run and I even started venturing off on to other paths that I’ve never been on.Off the beaten path

This new path seemed pretty cool at first and the scenery was different (which is always good) but things slowly started to get muddy.

About 1km in to this new path I had to turn around because it was just impossible to get through without completely submerging my trainers in the mire.

I think that in the summer that extra loop path I’ve discovered (you can see part of it in the picture) won’t be so bad.

The weather this morning was great.  Skies were clear and blue and there was a frost on the grass when I started at around 7am.  By the time I had finished it was oddly warm (for the UK in March).

Now I suppose you might be wondering why this post is called “bug eater”?  No?  Well, I’ll tell you anway.

It seems that some blackflies/mosquitos (I don’t know what they were really) decided to come out in the thousands all around the lakes.  They congregated in huge clouds randomly dispersed on the route which caused walkers and runners alike to swat at the air and swerve about as they travelled.

Bug Eater

Running in to one of these clouds wasn’t the greatest.  Firstly, my mouth was open so I reckon I’ve eaten my fair share of bugs today.  I’m not sure what the carb levels of the bugs was but they kept me going.  Secondly, I sweat A LOT when I run.  Therefore my face and neck acted as a pool of death for the insects that managed to get caught there.  I couldn’t hear their screams for help as they drowned because I had my iPod on.  If you look at the picture that I took around 10km in to my run you can just make out the dead insects on my forehead and neck.

In the end I survived my last long run before the Reading Half Marathon.  I covered 21.09km (13.10 miles) in 01 hour 59 mins 40 secs which equates to an average pace of 05:40 min/km (09:08 min/mile).  Not too bad I suppose and if I can manage that same pace on the day I will achieve my goal of a sub 2 hour time.

I hope all my effort has paid off.

Now I’m off to find an insect cook book…

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