Asics Kayano

Once again it is time for another pair of running shoes to lay down the miles in.

My current pair (Adidas Supernova Sequence) were pretty good.  In fact, they were probably the best pair I’ve had yet except for the lacing.  They always seem like I can’t lace them up enough (it’s hard to explain – the two sides never came together close enough).Asics Kayano 15

Last time I bought new shoes I think I was adamant I was going to get some Asics and I ended up getting the Adidas.  This time I’m going to just do it (sorry Nike) and get a pair.  Many people rave about them and they win awards etc.  They gotta be good haven’t they?

I’m going to try and get a pair over the next couple of days (difficult if you knew my daily schedule and location of running shops in the area) so I can use them a few times before the Reading Half Marathon.

If I feel they aren’t bedded in right by the time the half marathon comes up then I’ll wear my faithful Adidas on race day.

I need new shoes anyway and this way I may potentially have more cushioning on race day.

As for my run yesterday, I have been suffering some after-affects.  I keep burbing insects… just kidding.  The top of my right foot has been sore and feels bruised.  I think that my laces might have been done up a bit too tight on that foot and after 13.1 miles of running it was obviously hurting me.

Tomorrow is either going to be an easy run or a tempo run… I haven’t decided yet.

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