Something’s Afoot

I ran in my new Asics this morning and managed 10.38km (6.45 miles) at a 05:47 min/km (09:18 min/mile) pace.I spent the first three miles or so concentrating on my foot and any pain there might be. There was some, and I was paying too much attention to it. I started to relax after a while and concentrated more on the news on TV (I was at the gym and on the treadmill by 6am).

Overall the shoes are very comfortable. At first I thought there might be too much room in the toe area but they felt good. At £115.00 ($164.00 USD – we get ripped off in the UK) they better feel real damn good.Foot

Because they are new, the padding on the top of the foot is better than my Adidas. This meant the pain wasn’t really noticeable enough for me to stop running at any point.

It’s been suggested by fellow runners on that I should run in my old shoes at the Reading Half Marathon on the 29th of this month, however I’m thinking that 13.1 miles more on those babies may be too much. The pain started when I did my last long run and I didn’t have my shoes that tight. Perhaps the additional padding on the new ones will be beneficial on the day of the half marathon.

I went to work this morning and my foot was okay(ish) but by the afternoon my foot was really hurting in my work shoes. I had the lace undone and then eventually I just had my shoe off under my desk trying to keep the blood flowing.

It’s now 21:50 and I’ve already put two lots of Nurofen cream on my foot; once when I got home and again a few minutes ago. It has helped to relieve the pain and it doesn’t really hurt much at the moment. When I flex my toes though, I can feel it on the top of my foot just above where the toes join the foot.

I’m going to run in the new Asics for all my training runs up to the 29th to try and benefit from the additional padding and then I’ll decide which running shoes I’m going to wear. I’ll have laid down a few miles in the new ones by then and they may be worth a go.

Jeez, do other runners spend this much time wondering about shoes and what to wear? How ridiculous is this…

My race pack has arrived for the Reading Half Marathon. I see on the forums at that some people have already received theirs too.

I’m running the half marathon no matter what. If I have to I’ll put pain relieving cream on my foot before I run, but I’m doing it damnit…

I was going to run again tomorrow because I’ve only done about 20km so far this week, however I have to remind myself that this is the first week of my tapering AND I have an injury in my foot that I need to take care of. Therefore, I think I will have a rest day tomorrow and Saturday and see how things are for my run on Sunday.

As for non running related matters, I’ve decided to delay my return to the 100 push ups training until April.

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