Mothers Day and the See Food Diet

A great day today if you include excessive eating within the definition of “great”.  Jeez, I clearly need to pay more attention to my food intake or my body really will be a temple.

I won’t go in to the details of what I’ve eaten today, but I will say it ended with a roast dinner (with all the trimmings) to end off the day.  It is now mind over matter as I fight the dinner coma my body is trying to enter.

Perhaps this summer I’ll pay more attention to what I’m eating (very non-commital) so I can shed some more weight.

My run this morning was 13km (8.07 miles) at a 05:40 min/km (09:07 min/mile) pace.  I ran in my new Asics to try and work them in a bit more, however I’m still debating whether to run in my new trainers on race day.  My Adidas trainers have been with me through all of my training for the half marathon so I am thinking that they deserve to be there on the day.  The shoes have never been in a race/event!  The last event I took part in was the Santa Run and I wore some old trainers for that because of how muddy it was.

Well, my son is well in to a very large tantrum so I’m going to assist my other half in restraining him.  I’m in charge of the tranquiliser gun to take him down if he attacks a passerby…

Happy Mothers Day everyone.


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