Countdown to the Half

This morning’s run (on the treadmill) was 8.45km (5.25 miles) at a 05:19 min/km (08:34 min/mile) pace. I ran in my faithful Adidas Supernova Sequence trainers and the tempo run felt really good and comfortable.I’m looking forward to the Reading Half Marathon on Sunday (10:05 AM – GMT). I think I put in a lot more effort this year as far as training goes and I’m also about a stone (14lbs) lighter than last year.

I was doing some thinking last night in bed before I nodded off and I have decided that I’m going to make more of an effort this year to increase my speed on the 10k distance. I may never be the fastest runner, however I am going to try and run the 10k in less than 50 mins and be able to do that on a regular basis. The fastest time I’ve achieved (so far) on a 10k is 00:55:39 at the Bupa Great Capital Run in July 2008. Perhaps I should make it my goal to do that event in under 50 mins in July 2009?

In order to achieve this I will need to do more quality workouts (which are missing from my weekly routine a lot of the time) and have a more structured plan on what I am doing week by week.

I also want to take part in as many 10k events this year as I can. 10k isn’t a great distance to me because I regularly run that distance or more in my training runs, therefore many of the actual events will be part of the overall training throughout the year.

I may never be an “elite” runner and I’m certainly not training to compete against anyone. Actually, that’s wrong. I’m competing against myself. I’m competing against previous personal bests (PBs). I’m competing against my brain when it tells me to stay in bed or to skip a run. I’m competing against pains and niggles. I’m competing against the runners that do happen to be slower than me at event (both of them).

That’s the great thing about running; it’s personal.


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