Phase One – Completed

Me and my son hopped on the train this morning and went in to Reading town centre to return the Asics.  No problem, however they had to give me store credit because they were purchased on my fiance’s card.  No big deal.  Money is money.

Phase two (running the half marathon in my existing Adidas) takes place tomorrow morning at 10:05 am.  I also have to remember that the clocks go forward at midnight tonight which means one hour of sleep lost.

I’ve check the weather for tomorrow:-

2009 Reading Half Marathon Weather

It’s going to be a bit chilly when the race starts at 4 degrees Celcius.  I’m thinking short sleeved running shirt may not be a good idea.  I recently got a new long-sleeve shirt (although a bit too big) and I think I’ll wear that tomorrow.  Either way, I’m going to be completely drenched by the time I’m done because of the excessive sweating that will take place.

Now I’m going to do something very important.  I’m going to play cars with my son…

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