Chillin Maxin Relaxin

It’s not a pain relief medication, it’s what I’ve been doing since the Reading Half Marathon. I haven’t done a single bit of running or exercise and I’ve been enjoying my food for a couple of days. I call it my break.Wide Load Runner

Friday I’m back to the gym for an easy run in my new Adidas and the training starts all over again. This time for 10k runs all spring and summer.

I forgot to give a “pain” update since the half marathon and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on my (non) exciting story.

During the half marathon my right foot started to hurt on the top again, just like during my long training run a couple of weeks beforehand.  It bothered me but not enough to make me slow down or stop.  After a while I never noticed it anymore because I was focusing in running.

All that evening I just had what felt like normal aches and pains.  The next day however, completely different story.

I woke up and my foot was throbbing.  There was no sign of any bruising or swelling and it didn’t hurt to touch it anywhere.  It just hurt.  It hurt to walk.  It hurt to sit.  It hurt.

I spent the day drugging myself with Ibruprofen and trying not to move it around too much.  The next day it felt fine, just a little stiff.

Today, no pain at all.  How weird is that?

As for non-running related matters…

My son has had an ear infection and conjunctivitis (pink eye) for the past couple of days and has been as miserable as a bear.  A small 2 year old bear that talks and has a speech impediment.

I’m wondering when I’m going to hear from my friend Robby.  He is currently travelling the length of northern Canada with a dogsled and team of dogs (the nutjob!).

I’m getting married in a month from today!

Now this April Fool is going to eat everything in the refrigerator….


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