Running Logs

I plugged my Nike+ in to the bottom of my iPod so I could get the running history from it and….nothing. No saved runs! What the hell? Piece of crap!

Thankfully I have kept a separate written log of my runs this month, however that means I have no runs to upload to the Nikeplus site. I reiterate… Piece of crap!

Anyway, this is the current situation:-

Distance covered so far in run across Canada: 1665.93km (1035.21 miles)
Distance covered so far this year: 542.21km (336.91 miles)
Distance covered since I started running: 3047.30km (1893.50 miles)

This year I am currently averaging 5.9km (3.7 miles) a day.

Last year at this date I was averaging 4.32km (2.68 miles) a day.

I’ve been neglecting my running log lately but I’m happy to say that I’ve finally updated it. I’ve used Google Earth to map out my virtual run across Canada and I’ve updated my current location map so you can see where I am.

As for the virtual run across Canada, I’m starting to wish I had taken a more direct route. Oh well, it’s all about the journey isn’t it?

I’m getting a cold (typical) but I’m still going for an easy run tomorrow in my new Adidas running shoes.

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