Congestion & Coughing

That’s what’s going on with me at the moment.

On Friday morning I managed to get to the gym for a run and did 6.86km (4.26 miles) at a 05:50 min/km (09:24 min/mile) pace.  I didn’t feel that great and my cold symptoms were just starting.  It was above the neck (head cold) at that point so it felt okay to go run.

Common ColdThe rest of Friday my symptoms just got worse and I’ve spent the weekend in a haze of tissue, coughing, nose blowing and sneezing.  To top it all off, my son and fiance are both ill as well.  Everyone steer clear of the house of death!!

My poor little boy has got a terrible cough and we just went in to check on him in bed.  He was all sweaty from coughing and we got him up and changed him and gave him a drink.  He thought it was play time! 

I’ve spent my last couple of days eating (probably not a good thing) and making some changes to this site. 

I only ever wanted the one site and now that I’m figuring more out about this blogging script I’ve been able to change a few things to the way I want them.  I’ve edited the CSS file for the site to remove a couple of things that were annoying me (lines on tables) and I’ve decided to use Flickr to host my image galleries.

My running logs are now accessible on my blog as well as my “current location” map.

I’ll probably amend a few more things as the days and weeks go on.  It just depends on how I feel.

There are now just under 4 weeks until we get married and I can’t wait.

Sorry for the crappy posts lately, but I haven’t been up to much and you can only write so much about a cold or sitting around with other people who have colds.

Colds suck.


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