Running Again

The cold is gone and I’m back to running.  I’m so glad.  I was feeling really bad for sitting around doing nothing; even if it was illness related.

On wednesday this week I was starting to feel better and I wanted to run and start clearing some of the congestion.  I ran 7.82km (4.85 miles) at a 05:45 min/km (09:16 min/mile).  It was a nice easy run with lots of coughing up of things… very cleansing!

Thursday was a bit longer at 10.50km (6.52 miles) at a 05:42 min/km (09:12 min/mile) pace.  Again, very cleansing.

Friday was a bit faster with 10.67km (6.63 miles) at a 05:37 min/km (09:03 min/mile) pace.  Not as much cleansing going on but it was a good run.

Saturday was a rest day.

Today (Sunday) I ran 14.00km (8.69 miles) at a 05:28 min/km (08:48 min/mile) pace and it felt great.  A nice speed which was easy to maintain and not much coughing/cleansing going on either.

This is usually my long run day and I would’ve gone further but I didn’t want to push things too far.

Slow and easy run for me tomorrow!

I’ve also been checking out my split times from the Reading Half Marathon and it turns out I got my PB for 10km during the race!  I hit the 10km marker at 00:53:42 which is faster then my current best 10km time.  Not bad.

I’ve been updating my running logs this evening to make sure that it is up to date.  I seem to neglect my online running log a lot lately but write more.  It used to be that I would update my logs and not write anything.  Oh, how times have changed.

I have been doing a lot of blog reading over the past week or so though.  I use Google Reader to keep track of all the ones that I read and some of my favourites are down on the right if you want to take a look yourself.

I’ve decided to undertake the 100 pushups training again.  I don’t know if this is the right time to start it though, considering I’ll be in Greece in a couple of weeks doing some serious relaxing and overeating (it’s all-inclusive). 

I’ve printed the 100 pushups training stuff so I have it readily accessible and I’m contemplating tracking my progress on a spreadsheet or something so I can see what it actually happening.

As for other non running related matters, my son got easter overload today when he was gifted more chocolate than any two-year-old should ever have.  He also received a Buzz Lightyear and Woody doll which he played with non-stop all day.

Yesterday we took my son for his first ever haircut at a barber.  We were quite cautious and prepared to restrain him if need be!  He surprised me and my fiance by being the best little boy ever.  The barber was amazing and my little boy sat there the whole time and let the barber cut his hair.  It was so great.

I’ve seen on another blog where the person puts terms that people have searched on and found their blog.  This is what people have searched in Google and ended up at my blog:-

day in the diet of a marathon runner
is there a half marathon on mothers day 2009?

The second one seems a bit odd.  I’m sure there is one somewhere in the world.

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