Sunny day, running and trains

Didcot Railway Centre (001)Good day today.  Started off with a long run this morning for 14.61km (9.07 miles) at an average pace of 05:29 min/km (08:50 min/mile).  The run felt really good and that was a nice pace for the distance (for me anyway).  I usually average more than 9 minute miles when doing my long runs.  But, I am trying to shake things up a bit and push myself a bit more to get out of my comfort zone.  I want to push the speed a bit but not enough to injure myself.

On 14 April 2009 I ran 10.75km at 05:34 min/km pace and on 16 April 2009 I ran 10.83km at a 05:32 min/km pace.

I’m not really “training” at the moment even though I have lots of 10k runs planned for the next few months.  I will work on that more when I get back from Greece in May.  I’ll have fun doing the 10km runs in May just for the hell of it and the medals!  I love getting the medals and I love crossing the finish line no matter how fast I’ve gone.  Always a great sense of achievment to me.

Today was a lovely sunny day and warm(ish).  We decided that we would take a little family trip to the Didcot Railway Centre in Didcot, Oxfordshire.  My son really likes trains at the moment so we thought it would be ideal.Didcot Railway Centre (002)

I must say, I found it disappointing.

First you can’t easily find the entrance!  We had to part at a pay and display car park and walk for ages to the normal Didcot Parkway trainstation.  We could see the railway centre in the distance but could see no way to actually get to it.  Thankfully a kind taxi driver who was parked nearby gave us directions.  We needed to go in the train station and go through the underground tunnel under the station which would come out at the centre.  Nice.  Well sign posted… not.

So, after a short walk and £16 we were in.  There was a steam locomotive running that could take you from the (hidden) entrance to the other end and you could either walk back through or get the same train back.

I’m not really in to trains and no absolutely nothing about them, but those train carriages we rode in were fantastic.  There were really old and it was like there were out of an old movie.  The seats were also a lot more comfortable then modern trains running today.

We walked around and looked at the trains, but the place wasn’t laid out very well and the map they give you does not easily tell you where anything is.  I know the trains etc are old, but everything just seemed a bit… tatty.

We came upon a food/eating area and decided to stop for a drink and a little something to eat.  Little did we know, we would be eating and drinking the most expensive food in the UK!

Sausage roll was £2.75.  I had a coffee (from a vending machine thing) in a small cup and paid £1.75 for that.  My other half paid £1.50 for a hot chocolate of the same size.  You’d think we went to Costa coffee or something!

Didcot Railway Centre (003)What got me the most was the apple we paid 0.50 pence for and the three small ginger snaps that cost 0.55 pence!  Damn.  I thought I should eat it slow and get my money’s worth.

It was okay for my son and he enjoyed the trains but we won’t ever be going back.  Maybe the train geeks in the country will love it.  I thought it was too expensive for what it was.

There you go, a review of the Didcot Railway Centre.  I didn’t mean to give one, but I had to say something!

If you are interested in seeing any of the fantastic photos from today’s trip they are on Flickr and can be found by clicking one of the pictures or by visiting my Flickr pages.

Only 9 more working days for me and then wedding and honeymoon!  Woo hoo!

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