Rob is back

I can’t believe it.  After months of being completely out of touch, my mate Robby Kilborn has finally contacted me via facebook to let me know he is still alive.Robby Kilborn

My friend Rob has been travelling by dogsled all the way across northern Canada to Alaska, USA!

He sent me a message to say “I‘m back, just feelin’ real beat up like… so I’m layin’ low for abit.  Got all my limbs still.   Got most of my weight, and a few classic ‘robby’ stories… something about -58C, beaver tails, and meeting people who haven’t seen what they look like in a mirror. Other than that, only a couple of others.

I’m really looking forward to finding out how it all went and seeing any pictures he may have taken.  the ones I’ve seen so far are here and I’ve taken them from facebook.  As for the “Robby stories”, well you’d have to understand what my friend is like.  Our whole lives, if something really strange (and usually hilarious) could go wrong with something Rob was planning or doing then it would usually happen.  It’s a shame his memory is so crap because he could write a lot of things down and entertain others with his follies.

He’s certainly a braver man than I am!  -58 degrees celsius (-72.4 degrees fahrenheit) is really damn cold and knowing what Rob is like, I am quite surprised that he does actually have all his limbs and appendeges at the end of this trip.Robby Kilborn

I’m not quite sure where he is at the moment, he might still be in Alaska or back in northern Quebec, Canada. 

As for running, I did 11km (6.83 miles) on Tuesday at a 05:27 min/km (08:46 min/mile) pace.

I forgot to mention that I haven’t started doing the 100 pushups training yet.  I decided to leave it until after the honeymoon.  What I am doing at the moment is some homemade circuit training every other evening.  It’s a nice little addition to the running at the moment and means I can still watch crap on TV.  Some dumbells (shoulder press, armcurls, flies..etc etc) mixed with push ups, crunches and the plank.  I just mix it up on the day depending on how I’m feeling and what isn’t sore.

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