London Marathon

The Flora London Marathon was today and I watched the start whilst running on the treadmill at the gym.  It’s definitely days like this where I love the fact that I can combine a couple of great passtimes (tv watching and running).

It was fantastic watching the thousands of people in the crowds, the celebrities being interviewed (Katie Price, Peter Andre, Nell McAndrew, Gordon Ramsay to name a few) as well as all the other runners.  Everyone was running for different charities and reasons and the atmosphere of the event was amazing.

Nell McAndrew was the fasted celebrity with a time of 03:10:20  while Katie Price and her husband Peter Andre finished in 07:11:00.

The winner for the elite men was Samuel Wanjiru (Kenya) in 02:05:10, the winner of the elite women was Irina Mikitenko (Germany) in 02:22:11 and the winner of the wheelchair race was Kurt Fearnley (Australia) in 01:28:57.

I ran 16.00km (9.94 miles) at a 05:38 min/km (09:05 min/mile) pace while watching the marathon and the time just flew by.  I was so engrossed in the event and coverage.

I’ve also decided (like many that watch the event) that I am going to enter the ballot for the 2010 London Marathon.  Why not?  If I get in, great!  It will be something to train for and a great day and achievement at one of the worldest biggest and best events.  If I don’t get in, no big deal.  There are other years or other marathons.  About 150,000 people enter the ballot and about 36,000 people get to run.  You do the maths.

The rest of my day was spent chilling out with my family, barbecuing and putting together a gazebo/tent thingy in the garden.

As soon as I’ve completed this rambling session I’m going to update my running log/spreadsheet with my recent runs and I’m also going to work out where I am on my virtual run across Canada so I can update my location map.

Previous two runs this week:

24 April 2009 – 10.82km (6.72 miles) at a 05:32 min/km (08:55 min/mile) pace.

23 April 2009 – 10.79km (6.70 miles) at a 05:32 min/km (08:55 min/mile) pace.

Not much variety in my runs since the half marathon and I’m fully aware of that fact.  I’m just holding steady at the moment with our wedding day coming up and the honeymoon week away as well.  I’ll concentrate more on quality training when I get back… I promise.

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