Virgin London Marathon Ballot

Shield your eyes if you don’t like swearing…

The Virgin London Marathon ballot system this year is a complete and utter load of shit. What a fiasco.

The website for the Marathon said that the ballot would open today at 9am, however it seems that some bright spark at Virgin decided that it would actually open from midnight?!

This means that there are probably thousands of people (including me) who are attempting to get on to the site and enter a ballot for the 2010 London Marathon. It just isn’t happening.

I’ve looked on in the forums and there are pages and pages of discussion about how crap it is and how no one is able to get in.

The people who organise the event know from previous years that this is going to happen so why haven’t they put things in place to avoid these issues? Why is it so shit?

I’ll continue to hit F5 (refresh) throughout the day and I’ll let you know if I ever manage to enter a ballot…

One Response to “Virgin London Marathon Ballot”

  1. al jarvis 15/05/2009 at 17:35 #

    I agree. I have been trying to get a place for the past three years and this would have been only one year to go before a guaranteed place. If I could have got onto the ballot web-site, but no, so back to square one. Don’t think I’ll bother anymore, Ediburgh is a great city!!