Married and Honeymoon

Here I am on my honeymoon in a computer room writing for all of you.  Why?  It’s raining outside and we’ve already spent time hanging around in our room and we’ve been in to Kolymbia to shop (bought a shirt for our son).

I planned on going for a run on the roads around here this morning but the weather was wet and miserable so I chickened out and went to the gym and the treadmill instead.  I did over 4 miles at a slow pace (more than 06:01 min/km).

Weather was hot yesterday and will probably be nice again tomorrow.  We’ve seen some interesting things like a cabaret, bad/good singers and some annoying guests who decided to call themselves the “vodka girls” (I might explain this on another post sometime when I have more time).

I’ve taken loads of photos so far and that is just around the hotel!  Tomorrow we get our rental car and we are off to see more of the island of Rhodes and some of the sights. 

I might give an update again in a couple of days or I might wait until I get back to the UK.  We’ll see.

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