Woodley 10k and Injury

I almost didn’t run the Woodley 10k today because when we left the house at 10am it was raining quite heavily.  I like running but I was not going to run in the pouring cold rain (I guess I’m a fair weather runner).  I weigh up things like how much I want the medal and how much I paid for the run.  If it was only a cheapy run (like this one was) then I’m not too bothered about missing it.  If it was expensive (like the one in London on the 25th) then I’d be running it no matter what!

Anyway, we drove to the event in the pouring rain and I made the decision to come back home (it was 10 mins away).  We got home and then the sun came out!  My other half (who doesn’t run) made the executive decision that we were going to go back and I was going to run.  I’m glad she does that because I’m so indecisive a lot of the time.

We got to the event about 15 mins before the start and I stretched a bit but had no time to warm up properly (something I regret now). 

I kissed my lovely wife and son and then the next thing you know I’m off.  The first two kms were quite painful and I had terrible shin splints.  I mean, really bad.  I haven’t had shin splints like that since I started running and I couldn’t understand it at all.  I had to stop many times and walk/stretch during the first 5km and I was thinking “there is no way I’m going to do this in under an hour”. 

I knew that because of the shin splints my gait was being effected and I should’ve slowed down or walked more.  I could feel some niggling pain in my left ankle and in my right foot on the outside edge.  I’m such an idiot.

I managed to plow on and even felt a bit better during the last 3km.  My pace increased and I passed a lot of the people that passed me when I was walking.  This meant that I finished the race in 00:57:52 which is about a minute faster than last years time.  Not bad considering the pain and the amount of stopping and walking that went on.

When we got home my shins were still tight and burning for about 45mins and my left ankle still hurts now when I walk.  It feels like some bones or something grinding on each other and I don’t know if I’ve sprained it somehow or what.  Who knows.

This means I now have to see how it is tomorrow (I don’t run on Mondays anyway) and judge what running (if any) I’ll be doing this week.  I want to ensure that I do the 10k in London in a week because that race/event was quite expensive and I want to do it no matter what (I’ll walk the damn thing if I have to).

I’m glad I did the race but not happy about being stupid about the injury.  I should not have pushed myself so hard when I felt the pain.


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