Not running at the moment

My left ankle still feels odd.  I can’t really describe the injury but I’ll try!  When I walk it feels like there is a sharpish type pain / click of tendon / bone on bone (delete as appropriate) on the outside of my foot just under the protruding ankle bone.  I only feel it when I walk or run.  When it does “click” it feels like it will give out or it is weak or something.

Anyone know what the heck that is?

I haven’t run since the Woodley 10k on Sunday and I’ve got the Bupa 10k in London coming up this Monday.  I’ve already decided I’m doing it no matter what.  It cost too much money for me to not turn up (London runs always seem to cost a lot of money).  I figure I’ll wear an ankle support on Monday and I’ll jog/walk around until the finish.  I’m obviously not going to go for a personal best or anything but I want to do the run and see the sights of London.  Also, the run takes place on part of the route of the Olympic Marathon (not that that means much to me really).

I’m trying to stay positive and not get too down about it all but it is hard.  I had the horrible painful run on Sunday in the Woodley 10k and as a result of that I am now injured.

Okay, I’m done whining now.

Tomorrow I’m going to either run (slowly with a support on – depending on how I feel) or use the cross-trainer at the gym.  Either way I’m doing something!


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