Juneathon – Day 5 (Pushing Up)

As the title suggests, it’s day 5 of Juneathon and I’m still doing push-ups and no running.

I decided to take the advice of Highway Kind and not stress about the lack of running at the moment.  My lungs don’t feel the greatest (although they are much better) at the moment because of the cold I’ve got and I don’t want to strain them or me.

So tonight I did more push-ups whilst my 2 1/2 year old son looked on.  5 sets of 20 this time; surely that counts as 100 push-ups?  I doubt it.  I think they need to be consecutive.

I have decided that I am definitely bowing out of the Dorney Dash 10k tomorrow and I’m having another day off from running.  Sunday I’ll give it a go again at ye ole gym on the treadmill.  That means tomorrow I’ll have to do even more crunches and dips in the evening.

Also, I just thought I would say why I don’t run in the evenings (not that you were wondering – it’s volunteered useless information for you).  The only real time I have to go running is early in the mornings before my wife and son get up (weekdays) which is why I go running at around 06:00.  This is because my wife works most weekday evenings (but not all) and goes to work when I get home from my work (child handover takes place).  On the weekends my wife works almost all day Saturday from about midday to around 21:00 at night and it’s just me and my son… the boys chillin.  Sunday mornings are our family days when we are both at home and I go out for a run around 08:00 in the morning usually so I can finish in enough time for us to to whatever we have planned for that day.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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