Juneathon – Day 10 (Living Away from Family)

I wasn’t going to post anything today; I was just going to save it until tomorrow.  As you can see I have changed my mind.

I received an email from my sister in Canada (my whole family lives in Canada – where I’m originally from) saying that my uncle (mum’s brother) is in the hospital and they were concerned as to whether he would make it through the night.  She sent that email last night and I got it this morning.  I haven’t heard anything since and it sucks.  I really hope he’s doing okay and my thoughts go out to my family over there.

I suppose that’s one of the down-sides to settling in a different country so far away.  I can’t just drop everything (can’t afford it) and fly back when things happen.  It gets me down sometimes as I would like to be there for people as well and to offer support where possible.  For now I’ll have to hope everything is going okay and that someone will let me know.

As for running, I did none today.  I did my usual push-ups and crunches (not full sit-ups) as follows:-

Push-ups:  5 sets of 20, 25, 22, 22 & 20

Crunches:  3 sets of 70, 100 & 100

I have been reading other people’s blogs about Juneathon and I’m impressed how everyone is trying their best to stick to it and do some sort of exercise each day. 

Keep it up everyone.

2 years ago today I started logging all of my runs.  Happy anniversary to me!

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