Juneathon – Day 11 & 12 (Back to normal)

The running continues and it’s feeling great!  Yesterday I did 10.86km (6.74 miles) at a total average pace of 05:30 min/km (08:52 min/mile).  I built some speedwork into that run and did a few kms of 250 metre repeats.  250 metres at faster than usual pace followed by 250 metres at slightly slower than usual pace.

This morning I ran 10.55 km (6.55 miles) at an average pace of 05:40 min/km (09:09 min/mile).  This morning’s run felt good, even though my right butt-cheek and lower back is a bit sore from the speedwork yesterday.  My sciatic nerve plays up a bit once in a while but with some constant stretching it usually goes away.

To cap it all off I did some push-ups and crunches this evening –

Push-ups:  3 sets of 20,22 & 22

Crunches:  3 sets of 60, 50 & 70

I think I might head out to Wargrave to take part in the Wargrave 10k on Sunday morning.  It’s something to do and it adds another medal to my collection.  After that we’re heading over to my friend Tony’s place for a bbq.

Tomorrow I might go for a short run of a couple kms around here on the cycle paths… I’m still undecided.

I’ve been reading everyone’s Juneathon blogs and most people are keeping it up which is very impressive (one person hasn’t posted anything in 10 days!).  I think we should all give ourselves a pat on the back for getting this far and remember that we are just about half way!  Keep it up Juneathoners!

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