Juneathon – Day 15 – 19 (I’m here)

Sorry I haven’t written anything in a few days but I’ve been very stressed and writing on my blog hasn’t been foremost in my mind.

My Uncle

My Uncle Gordon in Canada passed away last week and he’ll certainly be missed.  Unfortunately I couldn’t be there with the rest of the clan to say my good-byes but my thoughts and love are being broadcast across the Atlantic to my Aunt and all the family.

My Dad

On returning from her brother’s funeral, my mother had to take my father to hospital and he got admitted straight away.  My father isn’t very well at the moment (Parkinsons, Polymyalgia Rheumatica & Osteoporosis to name a few) and he’s quite frail.  My mother said he caught a cold and got pneumonia.  He was in the hospital and the doctors said his heart wasn’t strong enough to pump (congestive heart failure).

They’ve been medicating him and he’s not in intensive care at the moment.  Mum said he’s grouchy so he is stable.

My Brother (Best Friend)

My best friend (who is a brother to me) travelled across northern Canada by dogsled all the way to Alaska.  It took him a few months and he was out of contact with me and everyone else during the whole trip which lasted about four months.  At the end of April he sent a message via facebook to say he was back in civilization.  I couldn’t wait to hear his stories!  Unfortunately I never heard from him again until a few days ago.  I was getting really worried because I had no numbers for him or anything and he wasn’t responding to emails either.  I’ve spoken to him now and I’m so relieved.  I’m still waiting to hear the stories about his adventure though and get some pictures.  As soon as I get some I’ll post them here and you can have a look.  I might even get Rob to write or post some stories from his trip.

Our Home

About a week ago we received a letter from our letting agent advising us that our landlord would like to renew our rental agreement at £1000 per month.  £1000!  What a joke!  Sure, our rent is £950 at the moment and it’s only £50 more but our place isn’t worth £950 either even if it is a 4 bed detached property.  There is no double glazing and our heating bill in the winter period was well over £100 a month.  He never sorts anything out and we haven’t had a proper written rental agreement since 2007.  The place is run down.  Enough is enough.

The day I got the letter from our letting agent I went online and did a search for 2 bedroom properties to let in the area.  The first one I found was a 2 bedroom semi-detached cottage (£750 per month).  We promptly called and arranged to view the property on Monday (just passed).  It was lovely.  The letting agent said that the rent was so cheap because the property was so close to the motorway, but we didn’t care.  It has a huge garden and the house has been completely renovated throughout.

Ours is on the left:

Hatch Farm Cottage

This is the front of the house:

Hatch Farm Cottage

The kitchen:

Hatch Farm Cottage

It’s a lovely house and everything is new including the wiring and plumbing, the fridge, the kitchen, the cooker the flooring the lighting… everything.  We hope to get the keys to the new property on 01 July.

So, as we will be moving I may not have internet access during parts of July.  It depends on how long it takes our current broadband provider to transfer things etc.  It’s bad enough I gotta wait a month for the Sky TV to be moved over!  That sucks.

My Juneathon Efforts

Not enough running, that’s for sure.  I just haven’t been able to get myself up and out.  It’s been hard the past couple of weeks but I’ve made some effort toward Juneathon as follows:-

Monday, 15th June – 5 sets of push-ups (20, 22, 20, 20 & 20)

Tuesday, 16th June – 2 sets of push-ups (20 & 20) – I couldn’t really be bothered.

Wednesday, 17th June – 2 sets of crunces (50 & 30) – I couldn’t really be bothered and it was late.

Thursday, 18th June – 3 sets of crunches (50, 60 & 60) and 5 sets of push-ups (20, 31, 28, 26 & 20)

Friday, 19th June – 3 sets of crunches (50, 60 & 70) and 3 sets of push-ups (20, 20 & 20)

Realistically I should’ve done more running when I was feeling stressed to help reduce the stress levels.  Anyway, I’m happier now and I’m gonna get up off my ass and do some more running!  I promise!

I’m sooo happy about the house…

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3 Responses to “Juneathon – Day 15 – 19 (I’m here)”

  1. Running from 30 22/06/2009 at 12:15 #

    Very sorry to hear about your family members, but the house is so cute! Congrats!

  2. Maria 24/06/2009 at 06:14 #

    Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really liked reading your blog posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  3. Phil 25/06/2009 at 08:53 #

    Sorry to hear about the bad news. Well done on getting out of that Landlords grip. We once moved 4 times in the space of 3 years for the same reasons.